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The Unfettered Teacher 2019

  • Christiana Findley

Become Unstoppable

When you trust yourself, you are unstoppable.

You're able to make decisions, follow through, and move forward.

You're not stuck, waiting around, and feeling lost.

You're not sitting there, wondering, "what should I do?" overthinking, and feeling anxious about every possible consequence. <-- totally me by the way when I'm operating from fear.

When you trust yourself, you are able to effortlessly own your actions, comfortably deal with what is going to happen next- even when the consequences aren't ideal - and keep doing what is right by you.

When you trust yourself, you are unstoppable.

In my first year, I knew how I wanted to run my classroom, but everyone around me gave me feedback that, what I wanted, was not the way to go.

Throughout that entire year, I basically didn't have a classroom management plan in place. Nothing was consistent; I was all over the place.

I got into the habit of handing my power over to the people around me because I developed the belief of "I'm not good enough."

In my second year, I created one but didn't follow through with it because in the end, I couldn't own it.

The plan was a mash up of everyone's advice.

I didn't trust myself to input what I thought was needed. After creating this plan and declaring it "the law of the land", I remember thinking, "Who am I to enforce this?" It was a disaster.

BTW, advice is a good thing! It’s always good to get perspective. What I am discouraging is taking in advice that does not resonate with you.

By year three, I was DONE with people telling me what I should do.

I designed a plan that met all of MY needs for the classroom.

Not the teacher's next door, or my friend's advice, or my AP's view of how to manage student behavior… this plan was all about MY needs.

It seems selfish to think this way, but the truth is, if my needs are met (and I know I am compassionate AF, - by this I mean, my needs encompass student needs), I can be there for my students as their leader, not their babysitter (which was basically what I felt like I was up to that point).

After allowing myself to step into my authority, I saw huge improvements with their performance, behavior, and a lot more opportunities to create positive relationships with the students.

The transformation was CRAZY positive.

I should have just trusted myself from the very beginning. (lesson learned)

After that year, my program made HUGE gains, I was proud of being the teacher I was, and became unstoppable of becoming the teacher I always envisioned being.

I say all this to say (assuming you aren’t a malicious human being, which you probably aren’t because you are in this profession 😉) - trust yourself and become unstoppable.

You already have it in you to be the teacher you know you are meant to be.

This post was inspired by a few clients of mine this week who are struggling using their authentic voice. It can feel so disempowering and debilitating when we feel silenced.

I don't want that for anyone, so I thought I would shine some light on the issue in case you were in a similar spot. 💛

If you are finding it difficult to trust your instincts, want to move forward, but not sure how? Try asking yourself these questions:

What does it mean to me to be able to trust myself?

What does that look like?

Where can I practice doing this?

What is holding me back from doing it?

Take action and try it out, and remember, when you're first practicing using your voice, it doesn't have to be in the classroom.

Regardless of where you have success with this, you will see the results creep into the other areas of your life (including work). 😊

How does this resonate with you? I want to know.

Leave me a comment and let's start a discussion.💛

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