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Confidence, Clarity, Energy?

Yes Please!

Strong Classroom management is invaluable!

If your classroom ran like a well-oiled machine, with little to no discipline problems while you and your kids had fun during the day's lesson, wouldn't that contribute to you gaining more confidence, clarity, and energy?

Effective classroom management keeps your room running efficiently and discourages disruptive behavior from your students. It also provides a safe, productive environment for them to learn!

Once you have your systems in place, you won't have to spend your energy explaining things over and over again because they will already know what to do. You can now use that energy to build meaningful relationships with them and teach without doubting your lesson.  With effective systems in place, they will know what is expected of them and you will know what they expect of you. This sets up, both teachers and students, for a successful year.

I know, there are 5.8 million tools out there to help you with your classroom management.  Which ones work for you? Are you just trying them all out till you find one that sticks? When you try them out, how will you implement them in a way where it makes sense? Will you be consistent with it? Are you insecure about trying it because you feel like the kids see right through you? 

Alright, you get the point. 

This is why this stuff isn't easy! There is no cookie-cutter way of making this work for everyone.  Just like how every kid in our classes have specific needs that have to be met for them to be successful, we do too!

The system I have in place is not about trying random strategies out until one works for you. We do a lot of self-discovery to unearth your authentic preferences, values, and goals so that we can use that data to create a system that not only works for you but will also be successfully integrated into your classroom. This is all tailored specifically for you.

Once management systems are in place and implemented, you will see time magically appear on your schedule. Self-care folks! We will figure out systems for that too!

By working with me, you WILL be able to teach with more confidence, clarity, and energy.  

What's in it for me?

I'm going to be upfront with you and tell you why I am doing this kind of work.  

I really think what we do as teachers is important.  We are one of the role models our students interact with every day, which means we heavily influence them.  If we can operate from a place of compassion and authenticity, we would be equipped to impact our students in a way where they would be inspired and empowered to do amazing things for our world. 

Creating and implementing a classroom management system (that is authentic to you) is the first step because having your room under control gives yourself time and energy.  That time and energy will be spent on understanding who you want to be as an educator, a family member/friend/lover, and as your authentic you.  With these concepts in play, we will unfetter your power to be amazing. And when we model amazing, our kids learn to be that too.

This lights me up for a few reasons: 
1. There is a realistic way to help struggling teachers everywhere.
2. If we help the struggling teacher who is compassionate, motivated, and excited to be in the classroom, we get a win in education because they are more likely to stay
3.  Helping people transition into who they strive to be, has always been a passion of mine

I don't want new teachers to go through the kind of hardships I went through my first few years. Without getting too deep into the struggles of my first few years of teaching, let me say that those years were difficult ones. I felt alone, lost relationships, and lost who I was. So much of what I was focusing on back then was for the kids and my career (rightfully so) but I lost sight of myself and my life outside of school. I am coaching new teachers so that they don't have to go down similar or darker paths. When working with me, as we acknowledge what you need in your classroom, we will also acknowledge what you want and need outside of it.

It is my mission to support you, new teachers, emotionally, mentally, and in helping you find systems that work for you (both in and out of the classroom) so that we can explore your authentic self. Being authentic to ourselves unfetters our true potential to live our best lives and inspire our world. This is what The Unfettered Teacher is all about.

If you are in need of this kind of support, work with me to start teaching and living with more confidence, clarity, and energy. 

  • Certified Texas Educator

    • Art EC-12​

  • Certified Professional Life Coach

    • Certified Life Coach Institute -ICF​

  • Classroom Management 

  • Positive Habits 

  • Goal Setting

  • Healthy Lifestyle

  • Work- Life Balance

  • Stress Management


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