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The Unfettered Teacher 2019

The Unfettered Teacher

I am here to help you with your classroom management and self-care systems so that you can teach with confidence, clarity and energy. 

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Hi there fellow educator!

I'm Christiana


Classroom management is no joke! 

When thinking about the moments I had power struggles for control in class, being openly disrespected by students, and picking up broken pencils, trash and hateful notes I'd find about myself off the floor every day, still makes my heart race.

I remember feeling anxious every Sunday evening, knowing that I have to go back into that room and wondered how I would survive the next day. My first two years were brutal but I refused to give up.

It wasn't until my third year of teaching that I found a system that worked. I began to see my students walk through my doors wanting to work. I started to watch their pride and self confidence grow as they produced work in my class, and the occasion of a student disrespecting me was becoming a rare one. 

Every year I taught I after that, I found myself mentoring at least one teacher on staff, specifically in classroom management. They were able to use the tools and systems I have developed for myself, and they were successfully changing their classrooms into what they wanted them to be. 

You don't have to go through years (alone) feeling emotionally drained, anxious, and violated by students, parents and colleagues as you"figure it out".  Yes, it does take time, and lessons do need to be learned as a new teacher, but it doesn't have to be like this


My mission is to support you, new teachers, emotionallymentally, and to help you establish your classroom management and self-care systems so that you can be empowered to teach with confidence, clarity, and energy.

How I Can Help You

This is a 1:1 coaching consultation to explore what you need and talk about strategies that would work for you. Within our session we will explore what your needs are: c...
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What People Are Saying

"..She takes individual teaching styles and personalities into account and stresses that no two teachers teach alike.."

Christiana taught me more in one school year than anyone has in all of my nine years of teaching. She is a phenomenal classroom manager. She takes individual teaching styles and personalities into account and stresses that no two teachers teach alike. It was important that she helped me find what works for me! The first thing she asked was, “what do you want your classroom to look like?” What is important to me might not be important to another teacher. She truly believes that teachers take ownership of their rooms and do the steps necessary to make their classrooms run the way they want them to. I felt like I could go to her with questions or concerns and she would give me well-thought-out advice or suggestions. I will use the best practices that she taught me the rest of my career and her knowledge was invaluable.

I am such a better teacher now because of her.